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Buy Duloxetine

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5.3 93-55 t% 94.39 VsU 4.53 5.94 97.89 3.3 93.02 4-97 94.38 5.9* 95.73 4.9 97.02 7.31 Acid No. X.6 3.8 4-x it 4.1 xa.9 14.X A large proportion of these oils do not conform to the solubility test of the B. P., while oils distilled previous to 1903 did not present any difficulty with the test for solubility in 70 per cent, alcohol. Experience leads to the opinion : (i) That the present official limits for the optical rotation of the oil are too narrow ; (2) that there is no constant correlation between the observed optical activity and the solubility ; (3) that the solubility test, even when performed at 20 C, excludes a large number of perfectly genu- ine specimens of oil ; (4) that the proposed limit of '* Not below 94 per cent, of sanatol by acetylation'' is too high ; (5) that the physical charac* ters given in the Pharmacopoeia are not such as to include the bulk of the genuine oil Buy Duloxetine of East Indian sandalwood distilled in England. Chem. & Drugg., Sept. 14, 1907, 448. Oil of Santal Adulterated Buy Duloxetine Oils and Proposed Standards for Genuine Oils. E. J. Parry and C. T. Bennett record some experiments made with two samples of sandalwood oil which they have reason to consider has been skilfully adulterated with the so-called West Indian sandal oil. These oils were characterized by their low laevogyre rotation, which was -10* and -9^*30' respectively, and when fractionated, of the nine fractions obtained the first, ranged from -5*^30' to -i4**35', and the second from -4^30' to -14. Similar fractions from four genuine oils ranged from -15 to -21, -14** to -2i**3o', -15 Buy Duloxetine to -20**, and -14** to -22. Obviously a dextrorotatory oil is present in the adulterated samples, which makes the optical rotation of the 10 per cent, fraction very much lower than in the case with normal oils. In the latter' the divergence between the fractions is but little, and in no case was the optical rotation lower that -14**. In normal oils, also, the total santalol-content is rarely below 94 per cent., and a minimum of 90 per cent., as required by the U. S. P., may well be adopted. Further- Buy Duloxetine more, the authors find that when fractions of cedarwood oil are used for adulterating, the resulting oil generally has a higher Isevo-rotation than pure sandalwood oil. On the basis of their investigations the authors Digitized by VjOOQIC 342 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARlilACY. suggest the following standards for Oleum santali in the next edition of of the B. P. : SpeciBc gravity c^^QTS to 0.982 Optical rotation -16 to -20 Refractive index Not below 1.5030 Santalol (total) At least 90 per cent. Esters as santalyl acetate 4 to 6.5 per cent. Rotation of 6rst tnd second fractions Buy Duloxetine at 10 per cent. Not below -16^
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